This illustrated children's book (ages 4-8) features  two whimsical main characters, the talking, black-tailed prairie dogs Annabelle and Angus. Annabelle and Angus narrate the story of how a Kansas rancher and his family stood up to an archaic state law that mandates extermination of wildlife on private property without landowner permission. Vastly outnumbered by those in the ranching community who welcome the extermination of what they consider "varmints" who interfere with their livelihoods, and facing the scorn of his neighbors, Larry Haverfield stood up for prairie wildlife, especially black-tailed prairie dogs, a keystone species of the prairie ecosystem. Through sometimes hostile public forums and numerous court proceedings, Larry stood tall and prevailed because - in his own words - "it was the right thing to do."

Larry passed away in October of 2014 after a long battle with cancer. This book honors his pioneering efforts for wildlife conservation.


Some people might not think Larry was a hero. After all, he wasn’t a fireman or a policeman. But to us he is a hero , because he saved prairie wildlife from being lost forever in Kansas. He is a big reason why [wildlife like us] have a future.   


Type – Children's
Pages – 68
Written & Published by – Matt Bergles, Ph.D.
Illustrations by –  Rob Peters
Cost – $12.95
Available HERE & HERE


Annabelle and Angus

Annabelle and Angus